Emergency Dental Care Burien, WA

woman in pain holding her face in hand I emergency dentistry burien WAHas this ever happened to you? You have a family vacation planned, and the day before you’re scheduled to leave, that little twinge you were feeling in your tooth turns into a full-blown, painful toothache.

There are a lot of things you need to be doing, but all you can focus on is the pain and finding relief.

Whether your emergency is a lost crown or filling or you are suddenly in intense pain, the team at Burien Dental Clinic is here for you. We will see you as soon as possible, and that usually means the same day. Dr. Blake Sessions will evaluate your emergency and either solve the issue right then and there or ensure that you are comfortable until you can clear your schedule to see us.

Dental Emergencies in Burien, WA

If you’re having a problem, please don’t worry about whether or not it’s an emergency. If something out of the ordinary is going on, we want to know about it.

Emergencies that require immediate attention are usually obvious:

You’re mountain biking, you take a spill, and one of your front teeth gets knocked out. Time is of the essence with this type of emergency; we can often reseat a knocked-out tooth if you get to us soon enough after your accident.

If this happens to you, place the tooth in a glass of water, milk, or even saliva until you get to our office. If possible, very gently try to place the tooth back in the socket, but don’t force it and never touch the root itself.

Emergency Dental Care Burien, WAIf your accident involves any facial or head trauma, have someone call 911 immediately or drive you to the nearest emergency room.

Another critical dental emergency is a sudden toothache that’s so severe you can’t function. In this instance, our first objective is to relieve your pain as quickly as possible. We always leave time in our schedule for emergency patients, so we will most likely be able to address the issue the same day.

Then there are the less critical emergencies that can be a nuisance but might not need can wait a day for attention. These would include a lost filling or crown or a large chip in a front tooth. Losing a restoration weakens the tooth so we need to address the problem quickly to prevent further damage.

Call Our Emergency Dentist for Relief 

If you have an emergency, please call Burien Dental Clinic at (206) 244-1618. A knowledgeable member of our team will listen to your concerns and make arrangements to see you. If it is after hours, please call and leave a message, and Dr. Sessions will return your call as soon as possible.