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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Preventive Dentistry

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Preventive Dentistry

Dental work, especially unforeseen emergencies, can be costly and compromise your family’s budget. At Burien Dental Clinic, we want to help patients avoid sudden and unexpected dental costs. This is why we promote preventive dentistry, which equals dental savings in Burien, WA.

Preventive dentistry includes a good oral hygiene routine at home and following a custom treatment plan drawn up by our top dentist.

Best Practices As Advised By The ADA

However, as a rule, you’ll want to follow a few simple best practices put forward by the American Dental Association, too:

  • Visit our dentist twice per year for exams.
  • Allow periodic x-rays.
  • Visit Burien Dental Clinic twice per year for professional teeth cleanings.

Preventive dentistry is inexpensive, but skipping preventive dentistry steps can be very costly later on. For example, skipping dental cleanings—even if you brush and floss regularly—may increase your risk for periodontal disease, cavities, gum infections, and dental emergencies. Remedying these issues will likely cost you more money (and time) than the simple but skipped dental cleaning would have.

Contact Our Burien, WA Dental Office

If you have not scheduled a dental exam or cleaning in awhile, get in touch with our team. If you have any questions about preventive dentistry in Burien, WA, we also encourage you to contact our friendly team today.

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